A Knife Sharpener, Scissor, Garden Tool  Sharpening  Shop

A Knife Sharpener,
                  Scissor, Ice Skate and Garden Tool Sharpening Service

The Sharpening Shop
Rte 109 Westwood, MA
Call 781-752-8562 for all your Knife Sharpening Garden Tool Sharpening 
A Master Knife Sharpener 781-752-8562... Sharpening by appointment only.

"Let Armand a Master Sharpener put a Razor Sharp Edge on Your Knives, Scissors, and Garden Tools"
At The Knife Sharpener, Scissor, Garden Tool  Sharpening  Shop

This is Your Personal Sharpening Service and Repair Shop
We sharpen your kitchen knives that  you use everyday in home!

Rated the Best Knife Sharpener and Sharpening Service in the Boston and
Metrowest Area!
Rated 5 Stars by Satisfied Customers Time and Time Again!
5 Star Knife Sharpening
 5 Star Sharpening Service!
Our Sharpening Customers are people just like YOU that want their Household Kitchen Knives,
Sharpened, Serrated Bread Knives Sharpened,  Household Scissors  Food Scissors, Pocket Knives and
Garden Tools, Reel Mower Sharpened with Razor Sharp Edges and other Tools You Use Around Your Yard.

The Knife Sharpener, Scissor, Garden Tool  Sharpening  Shop
 is located next to our home so please do not show up without an appointment.
  For a Sharpening Appointment
Knife Sharpening, Scissor, Garden Tool  Sharpening and Repairs
Are done by Appointment Only

So Please Always Call First! 
Do Not Show Up  Without an Appointment as I might not be there !
And Items can NOT be left ....simply call ahead

We are available Daily, Weekends and Evenings Too....
for those that can not get away during the weekdays!

"Please scroll to the bottom the page and read things we Do Not Sharpen"
  Sharpening by Appointment Only!
  We offer Best Sharpening Prices and Service  in the Boston, Metro West Area
Personalized Individual Attention to Detail  and Outstanding Service.

Knife Sharpener, Scissor, Garden Tool  Sharpening  Shop has Specialized Tools and Machines
for each your specific Repairs & Sharpening needs.
Years and Years of Sharpening Experience
 Customers Keep Coming Back
"Customer Rated 5 Star Sharpening Service"
5 Star Knife Sharpener
5 Star Sharpening Service
  Sharpening  Done  by Appointment Only!

Satisfaction is Important on all Items Sharpened!!
Nothing leaves the
Knife Sharpener, Scissor, Garden Tool  Sharpening  Shop
Until the Master Sharpener is Satisfied he takes pride in his work .....

but most importantly.... That
YOU Are Satisfied!   

We Sharpen Household Kitchen Knives or and YES we sharpen those
Serrated Dinner Knives or that Serrated Bread Knife!
We also sharpen.......Your Household Scissor, Food Scissor, and
Non- Powered  Garden Tool Sharpening
such as your Hand Lopper, Pruner, Hedge Clipper, Axe, Hatchet, Edger, Shovel
and even that Push Reel Mower!
Bring all your Garden Tools and leave with razor sharp tools!

"You do need to buy new garden tools have them sharpened they will be better than when new!"

No need to leave your Knives, for days or weeks for sharpening!!!

All Sharpening done while you wait in your car!
Before calling.....
"Please scroll to the bottom the page and read things we Do Not Sharpen"
Call 781-752-8562
No Drop off and see you days or weeks later! all done while you wait!!
Then pay absurd prices and paying by the inch for each knife ..... that makes no sense!!

 I do not travel around in a van from town to town, I am always in the same place......
In my shop next to my home with many specialized tools to get the job done right!
So you ALWAYS know where to find me when you need sharpening done!

The Knife Sharpener, Scissor, Garden Tool  Sharpening  Shop
has been in the same location for
Next to my Home!

We Can fix your garden tools knives and other items too!

 Your time is valuable and we know that....
 This not only saves you time and gas but money too!
All done while you Wait!!! Come and Leave with Sharp Knives and Tools!!

We Can Fix those Broken Knife Tips Too! And fix your
Garden Tools and other items too...just ask !!

Let me put a Razor Sharpened Cutting Edge on Your Knife

Garden Tools

For a Sharpening Appointment call
 Master Sharpener
Email the Knife Sharpener with any Sharpening or Small Repair Questions
  Please Go all the way to the Bottom of the Page and Read Items
"We Do Not Sharpen!"

 We do  Serrated Knife sharpening as well as  Household Scissor,  Food Scissor

And can  fix broken knife tips too, make them look new!

We  also will sharpen "
Non- Powered Garden Tools" such as your Pruner, Hatchet, Axe, Lopper, Hedge Clipper, Edger, Shovel, Filet Knife, Pocket Knife, Hunting Knives, other tools used around the home and in the garden.
They will be like new if not sharper than new !!

Fix those garden tools so they work correctly and other small items.

Rated a 5 Star Master Sharpener
5 Star Knife Sharpener
Customer Satisfaction!

We also Fix & Sharpen Push Reel Type Non-Powered Lawn Mowers
 Knife Sharpener, Scissor, Garden Tool  Sharpening  Shop

 Reel Lawn Mower
  Lowest Prices and Personalized Service
Senior Citizen Discount Too!

 " Your Personal Sharpening Service"
 Items Can Be Sharpened While You Wait!!
No Need to Wait Days or Weeks
To Get your Knives Sharpened and then
Pay High Prices

Knife SharpeningScissor Sharpening

  You Get a Skilled and Experienced Master Sharpener ..... At prices you can Afford!
Knife Sharpener, Scissor, Garden Tool  Sharpening  Shop
Axes SharpeningPruners
                        SharpenedGarden Tools SharpenedLawnMower SharpeningHedge Clippers

Get That Push Reel Lawnmower Sharpened and  Those Non-Powered  Garden Tools Sharpened Too!
at the
Knife Sharpener, Scissor, Garden Tool  Sharpening  Shop
See the Difference Sharpening will make ....
"Watch your lawn mower glide over your lawn with sharpened blades "
 Reel Lawn Mower
A Sharp Lawn Mower Cuts Better and Grass Looks Better Too!
And takes less time and less effort!

 Decades of Experience And Personalized Service Makes the Difference!
 Sharpening Always Done by the Same Knife Sharpener Every Time Means....
Same  Superior Quality and Attention to Detail  Each Time

Call Armand  for a Sharpening Appointment
Any Questions..... Just  Email  Armand the Sharpener
Our Customers Keep Coming Back 
Again and Again!!
Refer Their Family  and Friends Year After Year
  The Sharpener's Reputation and Quality Speaks  for Itself !!
Bring One Knife or Bring or as Many as you want
Bring Your Hand Garden Tools Too!

And leave with them! ... All Done While You Wait!
$aving you Time, Gas and Money ... We All Like That!!

All sharpening is checked and double checked before it  leaves the shop.
 It needs to meet Armand the Master Sharpener's high Standards of Sharpening.
But most importantly that  you are 100% satisfied  with the items you brought to be sharpened.

Old Time Skill at Old Time Prices!
Who Are Our Customers?

Our Customer are People just like YOU,  that want Sharp Knives in their Kitchen
Culinary Arts Instructors and their students that need sharp knives

  Gourmet Chefs that demand sharp knives in their kitchen at home, Bring Their Knives to The Sharpening Shop.
  We Sharpen Garden Tools and Your Reel Mower  for

Homeowners That Enjoy Landscaping
Members of Garden Clubs get their Garden Tools
Sharpened  Here The Sharpening Shop on a  Regular Basis !
Homeowners that do their own Landscaping bring their Loppers, Edgers, Shovels, Pruners
and Hedge Clippers for Sharpening
We Sharpen Household Scissors used around the house, we sharpen those food scissors too!
Look at Testimonials and Reviews From Satisfied Customers!
5 Star Knife Sharpener
5 Star Sharpening Reviews!

I have tried many "knife sharpeners" in the area and found this place the to be the best!
 I will never go anywhere else my knives are sharper than when they were new!
J.E Walpole, MA
 Armand is the best  sharpener, his sharpening is awesome!
I have used his services year after year for all my sharpening needs ... Super Job!!  
Jane S. Westwood, Ma
This guy Armand is a master sharpener for Knives, Scissors and Garden tools
there's nothing better, been doing it for years
5 Star Service !
Jack Medfield, MA
Armand is a #1 sharpener and is the only person my daughter will let sharpen her knives !!
Betty  L. Millis Ma
I am a culinary arts teacher, I have all my knives sharpened by Armand, and refer all my students to him; he does a terrific job, I just love the way he sharpens my knives!!! ...I will never go any place else again,
he is the best in the area hands down another 5 Star Review!!  
 MG  Dover MA.
I have tried the rest of the Sharpeners in the area, as I wanted to find the best! And I have
Armand is a Master Sharpener quite a handyman that takes great pride in his work and customer satisfaction.
He does not charge absurd crazy prices and does not make you wait weeks for your knives, always done while you wait.
A Great Guy and Master at his Craft and quite handy and a pleasure!
Leslie G. Boston, MA
Armand has been sharpening my garden tools for years would even think of going anywhere else
not only does sharpen them but fixes and adjust them too!!!
Sandy Westwood, MA
This guy is awesome he is the BEST !! He does an an incredible job sharpening
and really nice guy too love going to his repair shop and talking to him!! 
Mary F.  Norwood Ma
I have tried all the knife sharpeners around, when it comes quality, price and the personal service he gives ...Armand wins easily his knives are like a scalpel or razor you can shave with them he has that pride you just can't find anymore ! !!! 
Dr. M  Boston MA
I love to cook and really appreciate a sharp knife, I regularly bring my knives to
Armand he is the BEST Sharpener in the Metrowest and Boston area it does not get any better!  And I have tries them all!
Liz Norwood  MA

Brought my Knives and Garden Tools to another sharpener and they terrible,
 brought them to Armand and they were better than
the day I bought them......he knows how to sharpen for sure and has quite a repair shop!!! AAA++++++
  all the way....
KM Needham,  MA
 Brought my garden tools to a hardware store and  some high school kid sharpened them
they were worse that when I brought them in!!
Contacted Armand to sharpen them after a friend told me about him ...OMG they are just perfect this guy Rocks  !! 
Cathy D
Medfield,  MA
  Armand is a great guy, and wonderful sharpener always enjoy bringing my knives
 and garden tools to him, he can fix almost anything check him out! ...I did :) and glad I did he is nice!
Sarah S. Boston, MA
There is not much this guy can't fix and sharpen he is quite a man and fun to talk to!!
Julie JP

For Many Years the Knife Sharpener, Scissor,  Garden Tool  Sharpening  Shop
Have Serviced Many Happy Customers That
Live the Surrounding Towns Below:
 Star Knife Sharpener
Westwood MA  Canton MA  Boston MA  West Roxbury MA  Walpole MA  Norwood MA  Dover MA  Dedham MA   Needham MA
Stoughton MA  Medfield MA   Millis MA   Medway MA   Mlford MA  Painville MA  Foxborough MA   Weymouth MA  Braintree MA
Milton MA  Sherborn MA  Natick MA  Norfolk MA  Quincy MA  Randolph MA  Roslindale MA  Jamaica Plain MA   Weymouth MA 
Wellesley MA  Newton MA  Franklin MA  Framingham MA  Foxboro MA  Brookline MA   Brighton MA  Wrentham MA  
Weston MA  Sudbury MA  Wayland MA  Belmont MA  Holbrook MA  Hull MA  Quincy MA
Abington MA  Back Bay  Randolph MA  Sharon MA 

Above You Have Read Items We Do Sharpen.....


 We Will Not Sharpen  your Cutco Knife, or Cutco Scissors, Switch Blade Knife, Swords, Tomahawks,  an Artifact Knife, Any Collector Knife , Any Homemade Knife, Japanese Knives, Antique Knife, A Machete Knife, Military Knives, Rifle Bayonet Knife or any Custom made Knife, or Specialty or Antique Knife,  (cold steel Knives) old pocket Knives or any collectable or valuable knives or keepsakes. 
I do not put convex edges on anything nor do I remove convex edges. Also we do not and will not claim to sharpen any Knife to a specific angle ie: 10 degrees or 20 degrees etc. as it is not verifiable by anyone. Nor do we hand sharpen your Knife on stones, our machines maintain a constant and  far superior edge on all knives sharpened. Also we do not Sharpen Hair Scissors, Fabric Scissors, Electric  or  Straight Edge  Razors or Hair Clippers for Humans or Animals.

We also Do Not Sharpen Saw Blades, Ice Skates, Hand Saws, Chisels or any other Woodworking, Metal  or Industrial  Type  Tools.
We do Not Sharpen Rotary (gas run) or Electric Lawn Mower Blades
Chainsaws , Electric or Gas Hedge Clippers or any other tool "powered by gas or electricity" are  not sharpened .... We Do not Sharpen Ice Skates

5 Star Knife Sharpener and
                          Sharpening Service
A Customer Rated 5 Star Sharpener & Sharpening Service

A Knife Sharpener, Scissor, and Garden Tool Sharpening Shop
Rte. 109 High Street



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